15 minutes and 15 questions with… Daisy

Daisy has been training with Wonder Woman Workshops for just over a year. When she isn’t studying away in York at university she’s a regular at the group sessions, workshops and weekend trips away.



1. How long have you been training?

Just over a year. I started my ‘health kick’ in April 2013, met Kirsty who introduced me to Suzie. did my first Wonder Woman Workshop that August and the rest is history! Before that I had been ridiculously unfit and exercise was my idea of torture…

2. What do you enjoy most about training with WWWUK?

The community. Nowhere else that I’ve trained has people that are really driven to train and get stronger, combined with having a laugh and making friends.

3. What are your current goals?

I have my first marathon coming up that I’m terrified about! I’m just aiming to get round. Strength-wise, I want to press that 28kg bell. Other than that, just be happy, fit and continue to enjoy training.

4. What do you like about training outside?

It’s difficult to pin down but it’s just completely different than training in a stuffy gym. You don’t get bored and it’s never the same. As well as the inbuilt challenge of simply training, there’s the weather. I’ve trained in wind, rain, hail, sun… each one leaves me feeling exhilarated.

5. Favourite clean meal?

That’s a tough one… either steak with some roasted peppers and sweet potato or chicken fajitas with lettuce instead of tortillas.

6. Favourite cheat meal?

Pasta… or toast. A cup of tea with some toast and marmite is possibly my favourite thing in the whole world…

7. Favourite exercise?

Atlas stones, squats – anything leg based… and I actually don’t mind burpees (I’m so going to regret saying that though!)


8. Most dreaded exercise?

Bulgarian Bag swings! Whenever they come out of the jeep I feel my heart drop into my stomach.

9. Biggest achievement to date?

Probably completing Tough Guy in January, or the fact I can lift the 50kg stone for reps now when I couldn’t shift it at the beginning of the year.

10. Favourite sports shop?

Up and Running!

11. Who inspires you?

The people I train with, especially those who do long distance running! Authors like John Green, Donna Tart, some of my university tutors… anyone that can dedicate themselves to completely to a cause until they complete it. Also, in a very sappy fashion, my mother and her ability to always look on the bright side, convincing me that things happen for a reason and there’s always a way through.

12. What does a regular day consist of?

It depends whether I’m at University or in Blackheath.

When I’m at university I often get up in the early hours, 5:30am, and cycle to the gym to train. Then I’ll come back, shower and either go to lectures, write essays, read or go to the shop where I work at weekends.

When I’m at home I’ll try and lie-in (unless I’m made to go to Monday boxing), then do some work, see friends or run errands for my family. Then I train in the evening!

13. Something you can’t like without?

My dogs, family and friends (you can decide whether or not it’s in that order)

14. If you were an animal what would you be?

A dog

15. Anything to add?

I’d just like to say a massive thank you to Suz and Kirsty for all the help and support they’ve given me over the past year. Onwards and upwards, and here’s to another great year.


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