15 minutes and 15 questions with…Ezgi


Each month we will be featuring one of our Wonder Women in our 15 minutes and 15 questions with… This month its the turn of Ezgi. Ezgi has been training with WWWUK for 6 months and brightens up every group sessions she attends.

1. How long have you been training?

A) Since January 2014.

2) What do enjoy most about training with WWWUK?

A. Training with WWWUK is fun, there’s a good atmosphere, great people and every session is different. And peas being a pleasure food.

3) What are your current goals?

A. Become fitter; lose weight for a wedding where I’m a bridesmaid in November and train for Rat Race Dirty Weekend, a 13-mile, 150 obstacle race next year – something I got convinced to sign up for by the awesome people at WWWUK! I’m sure my excitement will abate by the time race day arrives.

4) What do you do outside of training?

A) Work – a lot in my corporate job at an investment bank in Canary Wharf, I also spend a fair bit of time travelling mostly to the US, NYC in particular.

5) Favourite clean meal?

A. Steak, sweet potato and vegetables

6) Favourite cheat meal?

A. Pizza or pasta or anything with carbs, carbs and more carbs oh and salted caramel pie for dessert! (Hint for those that have never been Pizza East in Shoreditch has amazing pizza and the best Salted Caramel.)

 7) Favourite exercise?

A. Log bar presses and atlas stone lifts.

8) Most dreaded exercise?

A. Burpees – all varieties.

9) Biggest achievement?

A. Feeling more capable during training sessions and also knowing that if I can see this through then I can see anything through. Oh and that one time we all went and climbed Snowdon as part of a WWWUK weekend fun in the sun (fyi there was no sun!).

10) Favourite sports shop?

A. Sweaty Betty, Old Navy and The Gap

11) Who inspires you?

A. Suzie and Kirsty inspire me, I’m no teachers’ pet but it’s fun looking at how strong and into the fitness lifestyle they are. They practice what they preach and that’s important to me, it’s nice to hear that they struggle when they’re presented with a chocolate cake too because ultimately we’re all human but they truly live a healthy, fit, strong life and that’s what they pass on to the group when we train. In the corporate world women like Janet Yellen – the first chair of the Federal Reserve inspire me.

12) What does a regular day consist of?

A. A 6am wake up call followed by a full day at the office, my evenings are spent either boxing with Suzie at Sweaty Betty in Canary Wharf or in Blackheath at Bootcamp with WWWUK. After training its home for dinner, shower, bed – repeat.

13) Something you cant live without?

A. Expensive shoes/bags – it’s a disease. 

 14) If you were an animal what would you be?

A. Definitely not a bear. Bear crawls are horrible; sticking your arse in the air is not very ladylike.

 15) Anything to add?

A) I was gonna mention that whole paper bag over the head conversation but thought best not – eh, Suzie…. Joking aside I seriously love WWWUK. I genuinely believe that it is life changing. If you find something that clicks and it suits you then you are more likely to stick with it. I used to do personal training and pay almost 3 times what I pay for unlimited group sessions now and saw no results. WWWUK is fun and gets results at the same time. But best of all you’re surrounded by awesome, likeminded individuals who are there to challenge and support you and it’s humbling to know that they care about my goals and want to see me succeed just as much as I want to succeed. 








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