15 minutes and 15 questions with… Kirsty

Kirsty is the nutritionist for WWWUK as well as being the person who deals with the majority of the admin. You will find Kirsty teaching at the Monday morning boxing session, the Tuesday East Greenwich group session and training at several sessions throughout the week with Suzie.

1) How long have you been training?

I started training with Suzie in the gym about 4.5 years ago. Shortly after she started taking outdoor group sessions in Greenwich park so I joined in, not having a clue what a kettlebell was and loved it. I’ve basically been hanging around ever since.

2) What do enjoy most about training with WWWUK?

My absolute favourite thing is our community, all the girls (and boys) are so lovely and really encouraging towards each other. It’s awesome to watch the camaraderie when teaching and even greater to be a part of when training.

3) What are your current goals?

My current goal is to do a 2 minute hollow hold. For no other reason than at the moment I can’t hold one for more than 8 seconds and I hate the fact I cant do it.

4) What do you do outside of training?

Outside of training I like to cook and I’m in charge of the majority of the nutrition for myself and Suzie. I also enjoy eating out and catching up with friends. A lot of my time is also spent learning more about nutrition as I’m currently studying for exams.

5) Favourite clean meal?

This is a tough one as there are so many… but I really love king prawns in tomato paste and spices with spinach, avocado and a little white rice.

6) Favourite cheat meal?

Anything that is remotely connected to chocolate. I’m not really fussed whether it comes in the form of cake, biscuit, brownie, or bar.

7) Favourite exercise?

Pressing! Press ups, double bell presses, single presses, military presses, push presses, log bar presses. I don’t mind, I like them all.

8) Most dreaded exercise?

Anything legs based – squats and lunges. Heavy goblet squats make me want to cry. I’d rather run. I know this means I should do more of it though and it is something I’m going to work on.

9) Biggest achievement to date?

Since starting to train I have taken part in so many awesome things, however the biggest thing for me was reaching the top of Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in Northern Africa. There were times half way up where I didn’t think I could climb another step, and its the only challenge where I’ve cried. At one point Suzie had to push me to physically keep me moving, not my finest moment but reaching the summit was amazing!

10) Favourite sports shop?

I really like nike trousers as they have a great waistband, Sweaty Betty for tops and “good lycra”, and Gap for other extras. I also keep meaning to try out Fabletics as they seem to have a great range.

11) Who inspires you?

When I see my clients stick to their programmes and see results it inspires me to work harder and learn more. The ladies who have children and still manage to find time to train consistently, food prep and work are also super inspiring.

12) What does a regular day consist of?

It depends on the day, but it normally begins at 5:30 where I’ll have a group session/clients/training then a large part of my day is spent on admin, writing client plans and sending emails.

13) Something you cant live without?

My macbook and my diary. They are my 2014 purchases of the year! Sometimes I wonder how I got by without a mac.

14) If you were an animal what would you be?

A cat. I imagine its quite nice to sleep all day, come and go as you please and generally live quite a charmed life.

15) Anything to add?

I guess this Q&A wouldn’t be complete without thanking Suzie, who (and without turning this into an oscars worthy speech) inspired me initially to get into training, then gave me a job when I hung around long enough, then helped me turn my love for all things nutrition into a business – on top of living with me, which takes a special kind of patience!

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