15 minutes and 15 questions with…Lou

Lou has been training with WWWUK since the very beginning, she loves the early morning sessions and can be found training every Friday and Saturday too. Lou is an extremely enthusiastic member of the community and gets involved with lots of different activities. Recently this included a charity swim in an unheated lido.

How long have you been training?
I have always trained in some capacity, step classes and aqua aerobics in the 80’s and 90’s with a smattering of running and then I discovered Ashtanga yoga, and then BMF, I have joined several independent classes on Blackheath including Natasha Green’s bootcamps which eventually lead me to Wonder Woman Workshops – I saw them training on the heath one day but was too scared to join up! I eventually did, starting classes at the O2 which were fierce. I never really looked back, I also love boxing and swimming. That said, I am lazy at heart and I have to force myself to train, I just set a schedule and try and stick to it like a machine!

What are your current goals?
I used to set myself goals, 5ks, 10ks, 10 milers, triathlons, obstacle courses and such but have realized that unlike some people having a goal actually just depresses me – as soon as I have signed up I regret it! So for 2015 it is the usual clichéd eating healthily and trying to increase my fitness generally

What do you eat?
I love food and booze and love nothing more that over indulging but I put weight on easily so have to try and stop myself! I am currently doing the WWW detox, sticking to some sensible principles as much as I can

What do you do outside of training?
Outside of training I work, look after my 8 year old, read lots of books, socialize with my friends and watch telly!

Favourite clean meal?
Jerk salmon/haddock or chicken with sweet potato wedges and as much veg (broccoli is my fav) as I can get on my plate. I am also very partial to anything spicy, I cook a lot of Indian food myself which I can make pretty clean as long as I limit my basmati intake

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Favourite cheat meal?
Thai, Indian or Mexican anything spicy and hot

Favourite Exercise?
Boxing really tops it all off for me (any combination), but I do love a kettlebell session (I love a nice snatch)

Most dreaded exercise?
I actually really hate lunges, more than burpees and press ups

Favourite sports shop?
I don’t have one, I hate paying loads of money for sports gear that I get muddy and messy, so tend to stick to H&M or Sports Direct, I secretly would love to afford Sweaty Betty or anything from Stella McCartney (but I can’t bring myself to part with my cash!)

Who inspires you?
I love women who train, I am always deeply humbled by watching the people who rock up to WWW and train their arses off, so anyone trying really hard inspires me (and of course I love Suze and Kirsty)

Biggest achievement?
My daughter, my first triathlon and 10 mile Great South Run

Best thing about training?
It makes me feel alive

What does a regular day consist of?
Work, cook, look after Nancy, train – nothing terribly exciting

Something you couldn’t live without?
Family, training, friends

If you were an animal what would you be?

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