Why fitness is so Important?

A recent video by Mike Vicante on the importance of movement has been a huge talking point within the Wonder Woman community recently. Vicante stresses the importance of movement, not only to the younger generations, but more specifically the 59+ age range. In today’s society, it’s not only technology that’s racing ahead, but ways of staying fit and healthy. Most people today are a member of a gym and do something to try and stay fit and healthy – it’s a must when the majority of jobs see us confined to sedentary lifestyles and travelling is mostly done through cars, buses and trains (i.e. not walking or running). So, just like with technology, some of the older generations have been left behind.

The most common reason for an elderly person to move into assisted living is not being able to get on and off the toilet. This seemingly simple movement relies on strength in the quads, hamstring and glutes, those squats and lunges that we all rave about. Vicante stresses the importance of training, not just for aesthetic, but for the importance of movement.

Think of your strength training as providing ‘strong’ foundations for your body – as you age, the inevitable slowing down of your body is not going to happen at such a rapid rate. You could be adding an extra ten years to your life of being able to move properly and enjoy yourself without limitations.

But those foundations are not something that has to be built during youth. They’re something can be strengthened, no matter what your age, with careful and specific training. You may not be aiming to squat 100kg for the bragging rights, you might be wanting to squat in order to allow yourself to stand up and sit down with ease during your day-to-day life. Strength training is vital and something that is important for all ages and walks of life.

For the sceptics, give the video below a watch:

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