50+ Strength and mobility

Regular physical activity can improve your quality of life in so many ways and doing something you love to do is a great way to stay motivated.

In order for basic function to occur, the body must move. Proper mobility is essential for the musculo-skeletal system to perform both basic tasks and the movements required in training programmes.

It doesn’t matter how strong you are – a lack of mobility will eventually catch up with you in terms of lack of energy and efficiency as well as a greater chance of injury.

Below is a list of questions that will get you thinking about the future.  If you answer yes to any of the questions below, I highly recommend you start putting strategies in place to ensure you are addressing these issues.

  1. Do you sit at your desk for the best part of the day and notice stiffness in your knees, hips, ankles as well as your shoulders and upper back?
  2. Have you been training solidly for the past six months and have niggles that won’t go away? Or has your training plateaued?
  3. Do you get out of bed in the morning and have difficulty moving around? Or do you find it challenging to get up off a chair?
  4. Do you struggle to get yourself up off the ground?

Amanda Thebe, Breaking Muscle suggests when it comes to a successful workout / movement plan, do your best to include the following strategies:

1. Have a plan and be adaptable.

It would be foolish to plan an hour workout in the gym if you know you really only have 25 minutes, so plan accordingly. Make sure you have a day between your workouts if possible so that you have sufficient recovery time.

2. Take time to recover adequately.

If you need more sleep, then get more sleep. If you need to have a lighter day the next time you workout, then that is what you should do. Your body needs stress to adapt, but it shouldn’t leave you feeling completely spent. Try to find that sweet spot that makes you thrive and grow.

3. Something is better than nothing.

A great option on days you’re feeling a lack of energy might be to go for a brisk walk, swim, practice yoga, work on mobility, or attend a pilates session. Often, the act of movement is enough to get you out of the funk. So, lose the “all-or-nothing” mentality and just do something, no matter how small.

4. Prioritize strength training.

We know that as we age both our strength and our power output start to wane. There are so many benefits from incorporating load-bearing exercises into your life. Strength training increases your metabolism, releases those feel-good endorphins, and develops better body mechanics. Good body mechanics matter as we get older due to the risk of falling and injury.

We have a 50+ strength and movement session at WWWAUS.  Our workouts are designed to get your feeling stronger, energized and more capable in every day life.

These sessions take place every Tuesday 9:30am @ WWWAUS HQ



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