Phil Learney Seminar

Those of you that know me will know that over the past few weeks I have been a little over excited as I recently booked onto Phil Learney’s Advanced Nutritional Strategies seminar. I have been listening to Phil’s podcasts and reading the articles he puts out for a while, so when he added an extra date to his educational tour I jumped at the chance to go along.

The seminar promised to be full of interesting topics such as digestion and turnover rates, hormonal considerations, meal frequency, carb loading, anabolism and catabolism plus loads more.

This last weekend I spent my Sunday with a bunch of other nutrition enthusiasts at The Hilton hotel in Victoria learning from Phil…and it was amazing!


The day started with everyone receiving a USB containing all the subjects we’d be covering on slides so we could go over everything again later (which I have now done at least 3 times) after which I took a seat next one of the very few girls in the room, who incidentally turned out to be a fitness figure competitor, so we were off to a great start.

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The first portion of the morning was spent covering what Phil coins as the “boring bits” such as the endocrine system, hormones, body types and genetics. I however was fascinated and spent the whole time torn, wondering if I should be furiously trying to type notes into my Ipad or just listen and take it all in.

After lunch, which was an eye opener as nearly everyone had brought meals along with them, obviously they’re on top of their food prep (as am I usually), we got onto the more meatier topics of insulin, pre and post workout nutrition, supplements, metabolism and disorders of the gut. This was my favourite part as I have been doing a lot of reading around insulin as well as testing my (and whoever elses fingers I can get hold off) blood sugars.

Another quick break later we finished the day learning about carb back loading and carb cycling. A principle which I have been playing around with for a few weeks, it was interesting to hear the science behind the formula and to really understand why timing is so important when it comes to nutrition.


The whole day was fantastic, the seminar was well put together and although my brain was fried by the end I never felt overwhelmed with information…that said I could easily attend the same lecture 5 times and never fully absorb everything that was spoken about, and if I happen to win the lottery between now and 2015 thats probably what I’ll do.


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