Meet Suzie


When I left Australia in 2001,  I would have never thought that I would be where I am today. Stepping foot into a gym for the odd aerobics class would have been as much exercise as I could handle and the thought of swinging kettlebells, snatching barbells or walking on my hands for fun wouldn’t have crossed my mind. Today they are the driving force behind who I am and what keeps me ticking over!

I am the founder of Wonder Woman Workshops UK and AUS.

For the past ten years, I have been building a community of strong men and women – both mentally and physically, who love to train. Now, I’ve returned home to Australia, and am eager to replicate this fantastic, inspiring community.

I love what I do; I wouldn’t change it for the world! I’m determined and motivated to get myself and the people I train looking awesome and feeling as though they’ve just had a new lease on life! There are no tricks to what I do, it’s simply surrounding myself with other like-minded people who want to look and feel fitter, stronger and healthier.

It’s great when people who train with start to notice changes that prove the effort that they’re putting in is paying off. In the last year, clients who attended my group sessions, workshops, 1:1 sessions and other training events have improved in leaps and bounds – benefiting from quicker running times – from sprints to marathons, increased mobility and immense strength gains, simply by applying themselves, staying focused and giving 100% in every session. It’s brilliant; these guys give me fortitude to continue bettering my own knowledge and training.

It’s something I can relate to as the changes I see in my own training spurs me on to bigger and better things. This includes signing myself up for more courses to further my knowledge in the fitness industry, and taking part in crazy challenges with the people I train and train with, showing the strength of the community we have built.

‘Tough Guy’ was my first obstacle event. A 10km cross country run with a few obstacles in the middle of winter in the North of England I was told… no one mentioned the deep muddy ditches, hay bales, cargo netting, torture chamber (complete with electrocution), underground tunnels, killing fields and dipping logs (brain freeze due to the sub-zero temperatures!), but I cracked on, loved it and have never looked back! Character building to the max!

The challenges since my first Tough Guy have intensified, I went back to tackle Tough Guy for a second time, placing tenth in the women’s run. I have also trekked up Mt Toubkal – Morocco, climbed the 3 Peaks in under 24hours (3 times), run in Ultra marathons, completed the London triathlon and  Duathlon (twice), and trained solidly for 6 months for the SFG (Strong First Girya – Kettlebell Certification)… to name but a few. Each challenge, race, event, and course requires a focus, an inner drive and the determination to want to succeed. I go into each training session with the attitude I’m going to make every minute count, failure is not an option!

We all have a competitive instinct or drive, mine kicks in when training with others and the results always show for themselves –10th girl in Tough Guy 2012 was pretty impressive and receiving my SFG1 was a great achievement!

Im pretty excited to have a beautiful gym space away from the hustle of city life.  WWWAUS is a unique training facility along the Illawarra Highway that gives members the opportunity to train in both indoor and outdoor environments.  I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge of fitness and helping you reach your goals!