April’s Wonder Woman Workshop

April’s Wonder Woman Workshops UK took place in the gorgeous Greenwich Park with fabulous weather and a group of motivated women. We kicked off with rope holds, lateral crawls, press up variations along with some cheeky broomstick maneuvers.

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Splitting the girls up into teams we worked on lifting and shifting the entire contents of my Land Rover 25m… then back again… for time. Adding some body weight movements and a round of ‘nothing is to touch the ground’ a simple transporting drill began to get challenging. Communication and teamwork were necessary to get everything moved and the competition between both teams was awesome to watch.

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Our Guest Coach was Emma from Gorgeous Hoops. If you’ve never hula hooped before or it falls under the category of ‘childhood games’ I highly suggest you get your hands on one of these bad boys.

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WOW! Starting with the basic hooping movement around the waist, we built up to changing directions, moving the hoop up and down the torso, squatting with the hoop, taking the hoop from waist to above head and it was challenging. Working the entire body and especially feeling it through the midsection. Absolutely awesome workout and super duper fun!

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100 x goblet squats and primal move to finish. Squat and run, squat and crawl, squat and crawl backwards, squat and leap frog forwards… then sideways, squat and cartwheels – leading left and right… AND STRETCH!

Amazing session. Thankyou to all the ladies who come along each month and get involved in getting awesome.

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