April’s Wonder Woman Workshop

Daisy Peck came along to April’s Wonder Woman Workshop today, held in Greenwich Park.  She is super strong and pretty awesome… not only at training and lifting heavy stuff but also, as an English Literature student her blogs are in-depth and they certainly cut the mustard. Read her write up of todays fun and check out the rest of her musings here.

The weather did not look promising on the morning of Wonder Woman Workshop’s April session, but a group of brave (if a bit mad) women showed up, ready to get to grips with the bells and have a good time.


After introducing ourselves, the main aim was staying warm with some runs into primal moves, stretching off hip flexors and hamstrings with inchworms, a type of press up in which you hold yourself in a hip flexor stretch, and some good old kettlebell swings. To keep things fast paced, we then moved into some partner work of pushes, leapfrog, burpee jump overs and some double kettlebell push-presses going up in weight after each round. In theory this should be relatively simple, especially as most people do this sort of thing as children, but when you grow up, you realise quite how differently we as adults move, and how tight your body is!


The rain was slowly getting more and more insistent, and when we stopped for a quick break after the first hour, the heavens opened and what I can only describe as monsoon-like rain hailed down on us, sending us sprinting for the safety and dryness of the café or our cars until the worst of it dyed away.

The aim for the next hour was to get warm, starting with a quick run around the tennis courts into some simple swings, presses and snatches. Then the big guns came out, in the form of the prowler, the 30kg and 35kg stone, the log bar, the rope and some heavy bells. Partnering up we began a circuit of drags and pulls on the prowler at 40kg, rope pulls, shoulder presses, stone lifts and squatting heavy. Each round became progressively harder, with heavier weights on the prowler, varying positions for pulls (sitting down and lying on our backs) and some competitive max reps on the squats, stones and, most importantly, the log bar meaning there were some PB’s from Virginia and Anne, who made it look easy!

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Following this system the second hour came to an end and we had to separate into teams, splitting from our partners. The person who got the most reps went on the side of the rope with the 35kg stone and a 24kg bell, the other side had the 30kg stone and a 16kg bell. The groups quickly named themselves and competitiveness was high. With five people in each team, each person had to do a minimum of 1 lift and 10 swings on their bell before coming back in and starting burpees. The second person then had to do two lifts, the third had three and so on. However, this wasn’t the real challenge, with each group having to accumulate 200 burpees between them and only one person allowed to work at once.


After strategizing, the ‘event’ began, with everyone giving it their all, determined not to be the losing team. For pretty much the entire workout, the teams were neck and neck, with either Suz, Kirsty… or Anne, double checking reps in order to keep everyone motivated and giving it 100%. By an extremely narrow margin, the group swinging the 24kg bell just clinched it, but both groups got their burpees in… which is the important thing! She says, being a part of the winning team… Then it was a question of stretching off and learning a little more about how to get an ‘effective’ burpee, so the next time (oh dear…) we did something similar, we’d all be on our A-game.

Despite some pretty terrible weather it was a really good morning, full of a lot of laughter and getting to grips with some new techniques and equipment. If you didn’t get the chance to come along there is 2 hour kettlebell workshop on April 25th which I sadly can’t make due to the woes of being a student in their final year.

These events are really good fun and extremely useful for improving your strength and technique, so I’d thoroughly recommend booking on!

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