September’s Wonder Woman Workshop

September Wonder Woman Workshops was definitely strong one! Daisy Peck has blogged about her experience. Read on to see the shinanagas we got up too.

After a quick run to warm up, everyone went through some basics bodyweight movements of lunges to burpees to squats which was quickly made harder by adding a bell into the mix, with a speedy sprint between each set. Bell to bodyweight continued with some bell punch-outs, accompanied by groans, into push-ups and a further sprint, getting everyone’s heart-rate up. Everyone was quickly moved onto the rope for some crawls, using only your own bodyweight, but feeling just as, if not more, difficult than swinging a heavy kettlebell. After crawling, jumping over one another and cartwheeling, everyone felt ready to try and shift some heavy weights which was next on the agenda.


After a quick demo on the stones, everyone set about working out what they could lift for reps. We also had a huge amount of PB’s with Steph and Mandie both managing to lift the 40kg stone, and Mandie managed to get the 50kg stone, her own bodyweight, onto her knees! After some practice everyone was split into groups for their stones and then these groups were halved, being sent to either end of the stone which had been placed in the middle of the training area.

Then came a killer tabatta ‘I go, you go’, with one person sprinting to the stone, shouldering it, and running back – only for the next person in their team to run out… for 2 lung-busting minutes. This was repeated three times before everyone, with tired arms, went onto the rope, testing mental grit as well as physical strength! This cycle was completed a few times for the duration of the second hour, leaving lungs burning, shoulders tired and several war wounds!


For the final hour, the rope and kettlebells held centre-stage. Whilst some ladies got to grips with the basics of bells, the rest of the group worked up in weight on some swings, cleans and presses. Picking a bell for those exercises and getting into partners, everyone watched as two 24kg bells were tied to the rope. With two groups on either side of the rope, the aim was to pull the bell from one side to the other, 5 times each, acting as the time keeper as everyone else was swinging, pressing, or cleaning their bells.

To finish, a strong girl circuit. This included a run around the tennis courts (the time keeper for each exercise), rope pulls, stone lifts and a repeat of the lunges, burpees and squats we started with, bring the morning full circle.

Everyone finished tired, sweaty, muddy but with huge smiles on their faces and PB’s to celebrate. It was a fantastic morning had by all, roll on October!!


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