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Last week whilst watching a contestant on ‘Come dine with me’ (don’t ask) make chocolate mousse I realised it would be fairly easy to make one of paleo/primal variety and made it my mission to whip up (get it) a tasty, no sugar, dark chocolate version.

The result was amazing, so amazing that I proclaimed it was the best thing I’d ever made and I should sell it to restaurants. Suzie nodded along with me but she was too busy spooning mousse into her mouth to form words, I took this as a good sign and made another batch the next day to double check it wasn’t just a fluke.

It wasn’t they were still amazing so I thought I’d be kind and share the super easy recipe!


100g of 90% dark chocolate (I used green and blacks)

Half a large carton of thick single cream (this is where it becomes primal)

4 eggs seperated

Melt the dark chocolate and add in the cream, use a hand blender to combine it but not for too long or the mixture will become too thick. Separate your eggs and add the yolks to the chocolate and cream. Finally whisk your eggs whites until they form soft peaks and fold them into the mixture. Spoon into ramekin dishes and place in the fridge. If you’re desperate to eat them they tasted great after 40 minutes, but even better after they and been chilled overnight!

Serve with fresh berries…




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