Challenge Ready

Many of you have put some amazing challenges in the calendar to keep you motivated and training for 2016.

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It can be difficult to get out and training, especially at the moment when the evenings (and sometimes the days as well) are cold and dark. However, to every dark, brooding storm cloud, there is a silver lining. A lot of challenges, especially ones of the OCR breed, involve you getting cold and wet – meaning you have to power through that discomfort in order to get to the finish line. The phrase: ‘Get comfortable with being uncomfortable’ is incredibly apt when training for events like Tough Guy, Tough Mudder, Rough Runner and Men’s Health events. The majority of these challenges are just as much a mental as a physical challenge. Get used to be outside, in all of its cold and soggy glory. Plus, you get to do it in an encouraging environment filled with likeminded people.

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But it’s not only the mental side of training outdoors which helps to set you up for OCR races. Those who have trained with us and have completed challenges before will attest to the importance of movement as well as strength and speed. Obstacles such as the monkey bars and walls to scale rely on strength; the distance needs speed and endurance but what helps you build these things is functional movement. Wonder Woman Workshops emphasise the importance of form and mobility as well as strength. Having those strong foundations allow you to get stronger safely, reaching your goals faster. A lot of our sessions involve primal moves such as bear/crab/pike crawls – movements that many often haven’t indulged in since they were children. These become absolute vital when crawling through tunnels or under nets so embrace these exercises, it’ll make the race so much easier on the day!


Finally, we often take part in these challenges as a team. By coming along to our sessions consistently you are building a support network of people who are indispensable during races. They are called challenges for a reason, they push you way beyond your comfort zone. Training hard to race easy is something to always take into account, but many will know that on the day your mind can play all sorts of tricks on you. Having a race-mate means that if you ever hit a wall, they can motivate you to push through and keep going. Have a chat with the group before the event, decide who’s your running partner and lean on each other and you’ll find the event so much more enjoyable.

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