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2 weeks ago myself and Suzie began the ‘Paleo whole 30’. The whole 30 is a strict version of the Paleo – ish diet that we follow on a regular day to day basis anyway. The rationale behind it is that certain food groups (sugar, grains, dairy and legumes) could be having a negative impact on your health without you even realising.

Although we don’t eat sugar, and dairy is very limited, oats, white rice, quinoa and legumes such as green beans and peas regularly pop up in our diet and we wanted to see what kind of effect taking them away would have. We quickly realised that we both reacted in very different ways.

At the end of the first week Suzie commented that she felt she had no energy during training and wasn’t able to press as much as she expected, only achieving 55kg on jerk. I on the other hand felt better in myself, less bloated and hadn’t noticed any effect on my energy levels during training.

We discussed the possibility of our training times having an impact on the way we felt. I train largely in the evening and eat my last meal of the day soon after. Suzie trains in the middle of the day and then has to go the entire afternoon, often working before she eats her evening meal.

I have read various blogs and articles that talk about listening to your body and doing what feels right for you. Suzie decided to re introduce oats, and other forms of carbohydrates such as rice for week 2. This had a positive effect on her training as she was able to split jerk 67.5kg x 3RM – an increase of 12.5kg in a week!

For myself however, the re introduction of grains in the form of bread over the weekend had a negative impact on the way I felt. Without having concrete evidence (like a split jerk) to refer to, it could largely be psychosomatic; but I noted being more bloated, lethargic and craving other high carb/high sugar foods.

As we enter the 3rd week of what has now become a modified ‘whole 30 challenge’, I will continue to get the majority of my nutrients from protein, fats and vegetables and Suzie will remain on her daily bowl of banana oats to provide her with the energy she needs for training. What we have realised is that nutrition is incredibly individualised and what works for one person may not necessarily work for another.

I’ll be blogging again at the end of week 4 so you can catch up on the findings of the last half of our challenge.

Kirsty’s energy bombs  (clean but not whole 30 friendly)


Handful of dried dates

Handful of dried apricots

Desiccated coconut

100g 85% dark chocolate

5ml almond essence

Tablespoon of nut butter (I use almond or hazelnut)

Handful of cashew nuts

Run the dates and apricots under warm water to soften them slightly then using a blender combine them together. Add in the cashew nuts and run them through the blender, it doesn’t matter too much if there’s still large pieces of nuts after this. Add in desiccated coconut to taste, nut butter and almond essence and stir.

Melt the dark chocolate in a pan and combine with the mixture, whilst the mixture is still warm roll small amounts into ball shapes and cover with desiccated coconut.

Place in the fridge to cool.

Enjoy, Kx


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