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This morning my Facebook news feed was full of people posting this picture and having a little bit of a rant.


Most of us are now becoming more aware or realising that low fat products such as yoghurt, milks and cheeses are anything but good for us as they contain chemicals, guar gums, corn syrup, modified corn starch etc etc. If you take a look at the ingredients list of these products, they say such things as “ingredient not present in regular cheese” or my favourite “ingredient in excess of amount allowed in regular cheese”. These ingredients can have a negative impact on our health in many ways.

As far as i can see, this leaflet is saying its cool to feed your children chips but giving them butter would be tantamount to child abuse…insane!

Saturated fat has been demonised mainly because most sources are also high in cholesterol, cholesterol however is one the most important constituents of life, every single cell needs it. Our brains contain large amounts and its also the precursor to all sex hormones. Studies have even shown that a diet high in saturated fat can reduce what is known as the bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise the good cholesterol (HDL).

I am currently studying nutrition with the Body Type Nutrition academy and they advocate using whole milk, and full fat cheeses & yoghurts in meals and as snacks so long as you don’t have any intolerances to dairy/lactose.

Another of change 4 life’s suggestions is to swap your mince for a meat free version of mince, a quick google search can tell you that the leading brand of meat free mince contains about 8 different ingredients, one of which is sugar, as opposed to the 100% beef mince you can buy at your average supermarket. Unsurprisingly the beef also has double the amount of protein per 100g too.

The fact that the meat free mince contains sugar does not come as a shock, a leading cardiologist was quoted in the British medical journal stating that when the fat gets removed from products it has to be replaced with something else that tastes good i.e. sugar. He, and others in the profession have now realised that its the sugar in our diets that is doing the damage, not the fat.

With the rise of clean, primal and paleo style eating more and more of us are shifting over to consuming a higher fat, higher protein and lower carbohydrate diet and with benefits such as weight loss, improved sleep, clearer skin, improved mood/mental clarity and decreased bloating I’m sure it wont be long before more people follow suit.

Paleo pancake recipe


(serves 2)

2 Bananas
4 eggs
50g ground almonds

Combine all the ingredients together in a bowl or blender whilst heating up a skillet. Pan should be hot for the first pancake. I recommend coconut oil or butter as your cooking oil. Spoon the mixture onto the skillet, when you can see tiny bubbles appear on the surface this is when its ready to be flipped.

Repeat until you’re out of mixture.

Serve with the topping of your choice – we like bacon, nut butters, creamed coconut, dark chocolate or just regular butter (obviously not all at once, although that would make an interesting combination).





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