We are a dirty bunch… #imafilthymucker

Over the weekend Wonder Woman Workshops headed off to Burghley to take part in Rat Race’s Dirty Weekend, the world’s biggest assault course. The full mucker course consisted of 20 miles  of running and over 200 obstacles while the half mucker was a cheeky 13 mile run with 150 obstacles. Either way it was a punishing day which we all absolutely loved!

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Arriving on Friday afternoon we set up tents and had a look around the grounds of Burghley House –  A 16th century country house near Stamford.  With glorious weather for most of the afternoon, we headed into the town for a fantastic pub dinner.

The talk of the table was all about tactics for the following day – who was running with who, who’s taking snacks to eat along the way, whats everyone having for breakfast, what was everyone wearing – us ladies, of course were wearing suitable attire… move over Superman, Super Woman / Wonder Woman had arrived!

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Everyone was up early on Saturday morning as we were in the 3rd wave, leaving at 8:30am.  With breakfast out of the way we got dressed and headed over to our start pen.  Those of you that have raced with us before know that  it normally rains within minutes of the start gun and the weather didn’t fail us this time,  it poured at 8:28am… awesome.  We couldn’t wait to get started and our first obstacle was there waiting for us… hay bails… lots of them… yeehaa!

The boys, Luigi, Matty and Andy sped off, and were never to be seen again, Nicky and Steve were spotted wading through some water at around 13miles, Katie and Carli were seen emerging from the swamp as myself, Jannet and Liz moved across the 20 mile course with smiles on our faces.  Anne and Kirsty took part in the 13 miler and had a whale of a time representing Wonder Woman Workshops UK and keeping each other company.

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Crawling under barbed wire, swimming through goose crap infested ponds (we are a dirty bunch), climbing up and down log towers, jumping off planks, dragging ourselves under gates in mud bogs, sliding down slides, balancing on canoes,  pulling ourselves up onto boards and hay bails, running with logs and cones, jumping on trampolines, forward rolling through tyres and wading through sludge were just a few of the crazy things our bodies went through.  The obstacles were well spread out across the course and it really was so much fun,  below is the very last obstacle, much too high to simply jump up onto, so finding a strapping young gent to climb on and push you up was a must… #bestendingever #imafilthymucker

photo 2

An absolutely amazing effort from Steve and Luigi who completed the 100 rung monkey bars unbroken. Unfortunately the only thing that was broken was the skin on their hands. OUCH!

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With bruises, smiles and medals around our necks, we all headed back to the camp site for a shower, some food and a chance to relax and talk about the days events. It’s always great to hear everyone’s stories about how they overcame their fears, tried something different, helped out a friend or cheered on a fellow competitor.  These moments are magic and it makes the entire weekend worthwhile.  After a fantastic meal of pasta, bolognese and salad, cooked by Jill, our bruised and battered bodies headed over to the beer tent to dance the night away.

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Arriving back in London for midday on Sunday I can say that after years of obstacle races, challenges and crazy events, this is definitely one of the best obstacle races I’ve taken part in.  Fantastic people, great chit chat, delicious food and amazing efforts all round!

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