Wonder Woman Training by Rosie Lee

Rosie Lee, a martial artist and fitness/lifting enthusiast came along to August’s Wonder Woman Workshop and wrote a blog about her experience. Check out her fantastic blog below…

Today’s training session consisted of a three hour workshop with the very fantastic ladies at the Wonder Woman Workshop run by Suzie ‘The Suzinator’ Lubuska and her strong assistant instructor Kirsty Ledger.


I first attended one of the WWWUK sessions back in April and I absolutely loved it. It was tough and challenging but a whole lot of fun and I wanted to train with everyone again as soon as I could but due to various training commitments in the diary I wasn’t able to make another session until today. One of my friends came along too and brought a friend so it was nice to help spread the word of the Wonder Woman group because it really is an awesome monthly workshop with a very friendly, supportive and super strong atmosphere.

The Wonder Woman Workshops are held once a month in Greenwich Park which is one of my favourite spots in London, it really is a beautiful place to train. The only problem I have with training in the park is that I get easily distracted by all the gorgeous dogs that are being taken out for walks and I have to stop myself from wanting to run off and stroke them all! Today I was pretty well behaved, I only wandered off during a break to stroke two schnauzers who were making a big fuss to get my attention.

Our warm up consisted of a run down the hill to Greenwich Park gates and back. Once everyone had returned from the run we partnered up and did some jumping and crawling exercises, planks and leapfrogs, then it was on to some bodyweight work which consisted of bear crawls (I love these!), crab walks, plank side walks, cartwheels and some frog squats. Now that we had warmed up it was time to lift some heavy stuff – atlas stones! I love the fact that Suzie has atlas stones as part of her training arsenal, it’s not often you get a chance to see or even lift these. We all took it in turns to have a go at lifting the various stones (30, 40 & 50kg) with the end position being on our shoulders and then did some team drills where we had to do multiple descending reps of atlas lifts followed by sprints until we had finished the set. That definitely got the heart rate pumping.


Next up was a kettlebell session interspaced with us being split into two teams to do multiple timed tug-o-wars. It was a lot of fun and the teams were pretty evenly matched, the last 60 seconds tug-o-war was an absolute burner! Working in teams of 3 Suzie then made us do 50 shoulder presses and 50 farmers walks with the kettlebells. We could split the number up however we wanted in our teams and it started to get quite competitive in the farmers walks that they ended up being farmers runs – love it!


The session finished off with everyone’s ‘favourite’ – burpees. In our teams of 3 everyone had to do 50 of them at the same time, if anyone was out of time you had to do it again. I was given press ups instead as I am having treatment on an old calf injury, it’s not often that I would rather have an injury than training but in the case of burpees my calf injury was a blessing in disguise. Although I’m sure I won’t feel like that when I have my sports massage/physio session tomorrow. At least my therapist can fix my broken body, every cloud has a silver lining.

We finished off with a jog and some stretching. After we had helped pack up all the kit it was time for a well-deserved lunch and catch up (I had burnt 1,763 calories from training so I ended up eating a Sunday roast lunch and a pudding – yum!). I really enjoy training with everyone and I was happy to hear my friend loved today’s training. Suzie has created such a great environment for women to train together, and along with Kirsty they are fantastic coaches who will encourage and motivate to get the best out of you. Everyone is very friendly and has different abilities with a common goal of wanting to be as strong and fit as they can, it’s such an honour to get to meet and train with such an awesome group of ladies. I hope to be able to train with everyone again soon. If you would like more details on Suzie’s workshops (she also runs regular mixed group training sessions in addition to personal training) then you can go to her website. Come along and give it a try, you’ll love it and it will be one of the best training sessions you’ve ever done!

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