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Social media comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Facebook, twitter and instagram are our preferred methods of sharing all the cool stuff that’s happening at WWWUK.  Ive also noticed over the last couple of months that we have some real ‘camera lovers’ amongst us and thats awesome!


We share all up and coming races, challenges and events on our facebook page. We also share photos and videos of our clients and members doing cool stuff.  Lots of information in posted on here to keep everyone up to date with timetables too.  Head over and ‘Like’ our page!




We’re big lovers of ‘keeping it local’ –  I love the twitter banter with other local businesses!  We often post about things that happen in our group sessions or promote personal training, nutrition or wonder woman workshops.

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Everyone loves a picture and a hashtag!  WWWUK instagram is a mixture of training and ‘keeping it real’ pictures.  We post pictures of our group sessions, events and moments of awesomeness.



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