Are you getting your daily does of mobility?

Mobility work doesn’t need to take longer than your training session and it certainly doesn’t need to be complicated.  Stop over thinking movement.

As kids we run around, climb, swing, roll, hop, jump, push, pull and can even wriggle ourselves into a bar fridge! But the older we get, the less we move, the less we move the harder it becomes to move.

Mobility is about improving your ability to move – if you move more you’re more likely to become stronger and fitter.

All training sessions at WWWAUS begin with mobility work.  Everyone loves to hate inchworm combinations, primal move rolling and crawling and broom stick pass throughs.  These movements are simple and all levels of fitness can do them.

What we try to achieve is full range of motion through all joints in the body.  If you lack range of motion in any joint it will give you something to work towards.  After a while you’ll probably find general moving around is eaiser,  little aches / pains and niggles disappear plus you’ll have better range of motion across your entire movement chain

So, instead of sitting down during your lunch break, head out for a walk, bike ride or swim.

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