Goal Setting

Goals are specific targets which you would like to achieve.

The first step in setting your goals is to honestly reflect on your current situation and think about where you would like to be, for example, in a years time. The idea is to build a succint ‘vision’ or ‘aim’ authentic to you to which you can direct your efforts. This can relate to any area of your life but here I’m going to stick to all things training related. For example, my overall training aim is to compete as an individual in CrossFit Masters events.

Ok. Great. I’ve got my big picture aim or vision: In a year’s time, I will be competing as an individual CrossFit Masters Athlete but how do I get there? This is where your goals come in. They are the steps you take to help you towards achieving your aim. I’m sure most of you have heard of SMART?

SMART Goals are:

Specific – clear and concise
Measurable – have precise indicators to assess progress
Agreeable – challenging yet attainable
Realistic – possible within a set timescale
Timebound – have a dedicated time period and deadline

For example, I know that I have certain weaknesses that I need to work on if I am to achieve my aim so I have set my current goals based around these. My six month goals are:

* I am able to do x 10 consecutive (kipping) pull ups by the end of February 2016
* I am able to complete x 25 unbroken double unders (skipping) by the end of February 2016

It helps to write your goals in the present tense to give them a sense of realism, purpose and conviction. The next step is to come up with a mini action plan. For example, practise double unders for 10 mins 3 x per week on Mon, Weds & Fri and schedule it into your week.

I find it easiest to write down my goals and stick them up somewhere where I can see them. I make sure I  note any progress I make towards them and reward myself, for example, with a colourful sticker. We use reward charts for children, there’s no reason why we can’t use them ourselves to keep our goals ‘alive’! Tell people about your progress; it’s not ‘showing off’, it’s an outcome of your hard work and everyone
respects that.

There will be times when you just can’t get to work on your goals or other matters overwhelm you but at least if you have them written down somewhere and maybe you have awarded yourself a few stickers in the process, you can refer back to them and they can still be kept alive in the back of your mind.

Sometimes people find it useful to share their goals with others to add a sense of accountability. If you have the same goals as someone else you could work on them together. You could post your goals within the Wonder Woman Members Group on Facebook, for example. Don’t forget to ask for help. Suzie, Kirsty and I are all here to help you with training and nutrition related goals.

Finally, people often talk about motivation and social media is full of #motivationmonday, personally, I think it’s more useful to think and talk about commitment. Motivation will come and go but if you are committed to your goals and overall vision, you will find a way! Most of all, enjoy the process. At the end of the day, it’s all about progress.

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