Good mood food

Last Friday Wonder Woman Workshops UK and Ceri Jones from Natural Kitchen Adventures teamed together to provide our first ever cooking workshop. A group of fabulous ladies rocked up to learn more about ‘Good mood food’, foods which naturally make us feel awesome.


Certain foods were designed to support the body in different ways by impacting our hormones. These include serotonin (our happy hormone), tryptophan which is required to make serotonin and melatonin (our sleep hormone), magnesium which helps to create energy and omega 3 which has been show to help stabilise mood and prevent depression.

Ceri designed a menu that was packed full of nutrients that are so vital in ensuring our day to day happiness.

Starter – Smoked mackerel pate with gluten free crackers provided by Free’d
Main – Seared beef strips with sesame broccoli & cucumber noodle salad
Dessert – Chocolate cake with figs & ginger cashew cream.
Drink – iced green tea fizz


The evening began with an introduction from Ceri before we went around the room and shared our personal favourite good mood foods, these ranged from the predictable chocolate to the more unpredictable avocado on toast. Everyone was then handed an apron with a name tag and the option to wear a chef hat (I was keen, others not so much), and after separating into 2 groups we began to prepare the mixture for the cake plus the ginger cashew cream.

Handy tips from Ceri included how to line the baking tin to produce a perfectly round cake, how to efficiently peel ginger and how to create the ideal cashew cream consistency with a stick blender. This was the easy part done, and with the cakes safely in the oven, the ginger cashew cream chilling in the fridge (literally) and the red wine flowing (its full of antioxidants) it was time to crack on with the mackerel pate.

The groups were further separated into 3 and tasks including mincing garlic, dicing mushrooms and onions and chopping parsley were dished out before we sautéed all the ingredients in pan and whizzed together in a blender with the mackerel. Problems getting the blender started ensured everyone had a good laugh as Suzie had to hold the power cord in 1 very specific position whilst Ceri operated the problematic food processor.


All that was left to do now was prepare the main course and once again it was all hands on deck as Chef Ceri required beef slicers, cucumber noodlers, broccoli choppers and tahini mixers, jobs which were taken on enthusiastically by all those who weren’t holding a glass of wine.

The food was then plated up and we adjourned to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Talk at our end of the table turned to our own previous cooking disasters as well as the benefits of going gluten free / Paleo, we also lucked out as we had Ceri sat with us too. An impromptu Q&A began as everyone took advantage of having someone with such a wealth of knowledge sat amongst them. All the food tasted absolutely amazing, especially the chocolate cake which was definitely a winner all round with some people going back for seconds – me included.

Once the plates had been cleared and our amazing helper Julian had gotten stuck into the washing up (don’t worry we helped him out later), it was time to pick some winners for the raffle. WWWUK had 3 lots of £25 gift vouchers to give away, the lucky winners were Moira, Sunita and Virginia who can now put their vouchers to good use attending future workshops, group sessions, personal training or nutrition.


Im sure everyone who attended will agree that it was indeed a ‘Good Mood’ evening, full of laughs, top cooking tips and excellent food. And with reports the next morning of attendees waking up feeling well rested after an awesome nights sleep the menu obviously did its job – except for those ladies that carried on the evening in the pub…I’m sure rested wasn’t what they were feeling the next morning! So much fun was had and we at WWWUK cant wait for the next one!


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