High Intensity Interval Training. A fun workout to get your heart and lungs working and your muscles pumping. A fitness levels welcomed.

Who its for

It doesn’t matter how strong you are — a lack of mobility will catch up with you in terms of lack of energy and a greater chance of injury. This workout is perfect for those with with desk jobs or who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

What to expect

In order for basic function to occur, the body must move. These workouts are designed to get your feeling stronger, more energized and more capable in every day life. These workouts are low impact.

What to bring

Wear comfortable trainers, a sports bra and comfortable gym clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Water and a small snack plus any medication you may require is a good idea too.

Monthly unlimited group sessions

$110 Book now

10 session Pass

$150 Book now

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We promote a healthy, wholesome lifestyle and believe that all ladies will benefit from our program. Children are welcome at our Mumstrong sessions.

Engine Club

Kickstart every Saturday with your training buddies. Prepare to sweat and be challenged lifting barbells, swinging kettlebells throwing big balls around.


Great for increasing your overall level of fitness, regardless of ability. These session are faster paced with energetic workouts.