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On Thursday evening myself and Carli attended a Health unplugged event in South Kensington. Session 1 was all about exploring paleo, primal fitness and digestive wellness. The speakers were Daryll Edwards founder of ‘The Fitness Explorer” and author of ‘Paleo Fitness’, Irena Marci author of ‘Eat, Drink Paleo’ and WWWUK’s favourite nutritionist and co author of ‘Fitter Food’ Keris Marsden who would be talking about Gut Health.

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As we arrived we were handed our raffle tickets so we were in with a chance to win some of the awesome prizes they had on offer, sadly neither of us won anything, however we did walk away with some of the goodies they had for us to try from various different paleo companies, including Perfectly Paleo, Primal snack box and The primal kitchen.

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First up to talk was Irena who would be debunking some of the common Paleo myths. Personally I find that when discussing my diet with others I’m often met with objections such as “well isn’t that just Atkins” or “you shouldn’t eat that much red meat and fat, you’ll have a heart attack” to which my response is usually something along the lines of “no more likely than you are eating that fast food burger or sugary breakfast cereal”, however snarky remarks aren’t usually the best way to win friends and influence people so hearing Irena dispel such come backs was incredibly useful. And next time someone hits back with such comments I know exactly what to say.

After Irena it was Keris’ turn to take to the stage chatting all about gut health. We learned how important the gut is when it comes to the human body and received some top tips on keeping it healthy. A big take home point for myself was how much Phytates and lectins (anti nutrients found in grains, legumes, nuts and seeds), impacted the gut and the absorption of micro nutrients, especially zinc and magnesium. To counteract this I have started soaking and roasting all my nuts which lowers the amount of these anti nutrients. They also taste so much nicer which is a huge plus point!

The final presenter of the evening was Daryll. Daryll runs a company called The fitness explorer and promotes primal play which is essentially moving functionally the way our ancestors did, as opposed to knocking out some bicep curls in the gym followed by a run on a treadmill (Virgin Active didn’t exist back then)! We were then shown a short video which showcased Daryll performing some of the moves he takes clients through outside, these ranged from pistol squats on a street bollard to scaling an extremely high wall. The video did the trick as its definitely inspired me to have a go at some of these things, although maybe not the pistol on a bollard, I’ll stick to solid ground for now.

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The session ended with a Q&A with the whole panel and was the perfect opportunity for us to ask any burning questions we had, one question in particular regarding bullet proof coffee, which is the new cool thing in the paleo world, sparked a debate between Keris and Daryll – Keris for and Daryll against. Daryll made a compelling case for the against but I have to side with Keris. I love a coffee in the morning especially pre workout, and as long as you’re not already stressed I see it as being beneficial, that said its obviously not for everyone.

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All in all it was a fantastic evening, full of useful insights into different aspects of the paleo world, an opportunity to network with other likeminded people and my personal highlight – a rabbit hop demonstration from Daryll. Bring on session 2!

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