Holiday Eating

It’s the time of year when everyone starts heading off in search of sunnier climes, but how do you ensure that your nutrition stays on track and you don’t undo all your hard work in  2 weeks or less?

Lots of women who are working with Wonder Woman Workshops UK have their holidays in mind when it comes to having a goal to work towards. Holidays are a time when you typically wear a lot less layers, expose area’s of skin not usually on show and take a lot of pictures, which will inevitably end up on Facebook before you get to Gatwick, it’s no wonder we want to look our best!  However when you’ve been training hard and your nutrition has been on point in the lead up, its easy to develop the “I’m now on holiday and can eat whatever I want” attitude, before you even get on the plane, unravelling months of effort in just a fraction of the time. So how do we prevent this from happening?

1) Remember that whilst you are on holiday, and its important to have a good time, this is not intrinsically linked to the food you consume. Plan activities that don’t centre around food, perhaps ones that will keep you active too, such as watersports or trekking etc.

2) Plan your indulgences and enjoy them! Knowing that whilst you’re away you can have a little bit of what you fancy will help keep you on track the rest of the time. A few “off plan” meals won’t destroy your hard work, just the same as one salad when 80% of the time you’re eating processed rubbish, is not going to help.

3) Factor treats into your day. Have an ice cream with kids by the pool, but then replace the chips with salad or extra veg at dinner. You’ll enjoy your time away much more if you have high energy levels from consuming nutritious food and don’t feel bloated or lethargic.

4) Which brings me on to the next point – use the menu to your advantage. Fish and grilled meats are popular abroad, and there is nothing better than a salad on a hot day. Snack on fruit and vegetable crudités and skip the pudding a few times in favour of a starter.

5) Keep hydrated by drinking lots of water, coconut water, vegetable juices and a few fresh fruit juices. Go easy on the alcohol, and limit to 1-3 nights per week and avoid beer if you are sensitive to gluten. My number 1 drink recommendation would be red wine, followed by white and rose and finally spirits with low calorie mixers.

6) Reign yourself in when it comes to the buffet. Its very easy to get carried away and fill your plate up numerous times when presented with a delicious buffet. But don’t let common sense go out of the window. If you wouldn’t usually have a boiled egg, 2 bowls of cereal, 3 pastries and a selection of cold meats for breakfast, don’t start now. Fill your plate up once and resist heading back to the table.

7) If you’re self catering check out my handy list of snacks that travel well and are still nutrient dense.

Beef Jerky

Dark chocolate (70% or above)

Mixed nuts

Dried fruit

Cold meats

Fresh fruit (including berries)

Sachets of nut butter

Nakd bars/eat natural bars

Plain or salted popcorn

Carrot/celery/cucumber sticks

Banana bread

Pre boiled eggs

If you have any questions about holiday nutrition, or would like help with your nutritional goals, get in touch with us today.


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