Kettlebells for ladies that train

A kettlebell is a cast iron weight that resembles a cannonball, it comprises of the handle, the horns and the bell itself. Because its centre of mass is extended beyond the hand, amongst other things, it facilities swinging and ballistic movements.

The kettlebell was developed in Russia during the 1700’s, the soviet army used them as part of their physical training in the 20th century.


Many women steer clear of weights when they are training (see my first blog post for why this is a bad idea), but the Kettlebell is a versatile tool and is brilliant for conditioning as well as strength training. According to the university of Wisconsin the Kettlebell swing burns the equivalent amount of calories as running a 6 minute mile. Other benefits include a leaner, toned body, improved posture and a crossover of strength in everyday life (functional training).

Below are my personal favourite moves for women to perform with a kettlebell –

The Swing –


According to Dan John master SFG “The swing is a fat burning athlete builder” it dramatically improves a persons performance in most sports ranging from running to martial arts. The swing is closer to real life motions than other weight lifting moves and more closely represents High Intensity Interval Training, which is designed to burn fat, tone muscles, and give a full body workout.

Turkish get up –

The Turkish Get-Up (or TGU) is a movement that requires total-body mobility, stability, strength and as you move through every joint in the body, it also provides an awesome core workout.

The TGU can be performed slowly and with heavy weight as part of a single rep strength routine or can be performed more quickly and successively as a conditioning regime.

Goblet squat –

photo 4

The Goblet Squat is perfect for developing leg strength, flexibility and amazing butt cheeks…what more could a girl want?!

Deadlifts –

The kettlebell deadlift is not only a whole body move in its own right, but it’s also the starting point for many other moves that can be done with a kettlebell. With an appropriately heavy weight deadlifts work your back, hamstrings, core and again, the butt cheeks!

Ladies – if you’re interested in learning more about Kettlebell either in a group session or personal training get in touch! 

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