Indoor rowing is cool again!


The indoor rower is not a fancy, high-tech machine. There is no television screen, fancy coffee holder or place to set your magazine. When you sit on the seat and pick up the handlebar, it demands hard work. But it will reward you with success.

Rowing is the ultimate full-body workout and is becoming cool again! Legs, glutes, core, shoulders, arms, you name it – you work it on a rowing session.

Why get yourself on a rower?

1. Anyone can do it – all ages!
2. Full-body workout
3. Low impact (great for injury prevention/ active recovery/ rehab)
4. Easy to learn
5. You’re in control of the workout
6. Awesome Calorie burn
7. Motivation (the monitor doesn’t lie)

We use the rowing machine with all our clients, whether it be part of their warm up or the workout itself, we deem it a first class piece of kit that guarantees you work up a sweat.


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