January’s Wonder Woman Workshop

On Saturday the 30th of January, Wonder Woman hosted their first workshop of the year. A group of motivated ladies, some who had never trained with us before, showed up ready to get stuck in.

The beginning of the workshops took them back to basics, with a gentle 980m run to warm up before inch-worming out into some hip flexor stretches. These ‘right foot to right hand’ (and visa-versa) stretches are something that is drilled into anyone who trains with us, keeping the body limber and moving well which is vital when learning to lift safely and effectively.

As children, functional movement is the norm. They don’t spend their days sitting behind a desk; they run, crawl and generally are a lot healthier in their movements than adults. So for their first set, the girls got to grips with the squat which is one of the fundamentals of training. After watching their bodyweight squats, Suz gave pointers to everyone before instructing people to load up with some heavier bells.


Then, after a few (giggle filled) lateral bunny hops, the lunge was broken down. Partnering up was a great chance to look at each other’s form – even those who haven’t been training for long were able to pick up on simple errors like: knees not at a 90-degree angle; leaning too far forward and a ‘tightrope walk’ lunge. This meant when they eventually lunged with weight, they could be more aware of their own form.

Then it was onto the slam balls as a warm up for the famous atlas stones. Heart rates went up with a partner pyramid of slams and a slam ball carry.

Before we knew it, it was time to tackle the atlas stones. We went over the different ways to safely lift a stone; from the deep squat to more of an ‘ugly deadlift’ style. For those who had trained with Wonder Woman before, it was beating those PB’s by moving up a stone (we were working with a 30,40 and a 50kg) whilst others, who had never used the stones before, started on the slam balls for technique.

image1 (1)


Everyone did amazingly well, lifting safely and effectively with many girls hitting their goals and setting their sights on the next stone up for the next workshop.

FullSizeRender (3)

We finished our session with a partner workout – three rounds of farmers walks, into a lift into burpees – rounding up a fantastic and informative session.

Everyone here at WWWUK really enjoyed themselves and we hope everyone who attended did too. Our next workshop will be on Saturday the 26th of March, we hope to see you there!

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