January’s Wonder Woman Workshop

The first Wonder Woman Workshop for 2014 took place today in the gorgeous Greenwich Park.  The weather was amazing – a perfect day for lifting… and that’s what we did!

A group of keen ladies rocked up to get involved in 3 hours of learning and training. With introductions and chit chat out of the way, we started.

Kicking off with mobility drills, bodyweight movements, sprints and a few games of tug-o-war (plus a few bastard sprawls… in the mud), the ladies were well and truly primed for lifting.

6 (1)

Kettlebell deadlifts, planks, power swings and presses were the order of the day – just the basics drilled to perfection. Easy?… HARD(STYLE).

Combining the swings with lifting strong girl equipment – Log Bar, Atlas Stones, Prowler drags and rope pulls we got a strong girl circuit going. Working with a partner moving from one station to the next, it started to get juicy very quickly.


Some great PB’s throughout – especially those of you getting the atlas stone up off the ground and pressing the log bar for the first time! Caroline, from Caroline Purday Photography was able to capture some inspirational and heartwarming moments!

Finishing off the session with primal move and bodyweight windmills. Perfect end to an awesome morning. Well done Ladies, you’re all inspirations. YEEHAAAA!!





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