Boxing and (Kettle) Bell Workshop

Today’s Boxing and Kettlebell workshop was a potent combination for some serious strength and conditioning gains!  A motivated group of ladies, from beginners to the more advanced athlete rocked up to learn new skills, work on technique and have fun!  The weather was amazing and everyone was in a fabulous mood and eager to rock and roll.

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Bella started the session with a comprehensive warm up –  running drills, shadow boxing and bodyweight movements… in the middle of Greenwich Park, in South East London, the girl had their sweat on.

Splitting the groups into two, I took the ladies through some basic kettlebell moves which focused primarily on  lower body. We looked at the deadlift, goblet squat, swing and lunge before putting a simple but effective workout together.  The  workout consisted of 10 x goblet squats and 10 x swings (just the basics drilled to perfection). Working as a team, we finished off the set with 50 x walking lunges.  Awesome!

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Bella started with a combination of 1/2,  focusing on generating power from the legs, hips into the upper body. The emphasis was on bringing the hands back to the face, there were a few taps to make sure the ladies were! Working in pairs we also worked on  holding pads correctly. From here Bella started  teaching the uppercut. Again, driving the hip with the  punch, once this was mastered they were driving the punch through with even more power.  Finishing off with shadow boxing working on pace. Absolutely awesome set!

Boxing  is based around the principals of professional boxing and allows participants to have the experience of a total body workout.  Bella worked with each couple giving individual attention and coaching points.

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Finishing the session off we had the ladies move through a circuit of 4 stations, spending 4 mins at each station and working with their teams.

1. Casualty carries – In your group you needed to transport one person from one point to another

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2. Ground and pound plus Body shield work – One person following instructions from Bella who had attached a body shield to her body and the other sitting on the boxing bag giving it their all.  All other team members sprinting between  the markers

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3. Casualty Carries

4. Kettlebells – 10 x swings, 10 x squats, 10 x lunges then sprint between the markers.  You need to do as many rounds as possible.

This was so much fun to watch.  Lots of energy and motivation was needed after a grueling hour of work but each person cracked into it and gave it their all.  The session ended with a well deserved stretch, loads of laughs and lots of questions about the dates of the next workshops.

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