June’s Wonder Woman Workshop

This months Wonder Woman Workshops UK was a real HIIT with the ladies!

Kicking off the workshop with a 60min mobility and movement session which included 1km runs and bodyweight movements – lunges, bear crawls, plank walks, squats and inchworms. This was not as easy as it sounds… and apparently tougher than lifting atlas stones! Move more, move often.

Once warm we looked at ‘The Squat’ and ways to improve the movement – mobilsing ankles, knees, hips, torso and playing around with different foot and arm positions there was a noted difference in movement on the retest. Some ladies found this series of movements challenging with pain and discomfort to start but the more mobile they became the less challenging it was and soon everyone was squatting was like ninjas! Move more, move often.

A quick break to enjoy the sunshine and catch up with mates we were back at it with some serious HIIT.

HIIT is a method of training combining high intense bursts of exercise alternated with low/moderate bursts of exercise and in some cases complete rest. The idea is to stay focused and push yourself through the high intensity work and allow your heart rate to lower during the rest or low/mod intensity work.

We played around with ‘working times’ and ‘rest times’ – 2 examples are below. The ladies especially loved the bungee work. This was super intense!!

Bungee sprints for time… with rest
Bungee sprints plus kettlebell goblet squats for time… with rest
Bungee sprints, kettlebell goblet squats plus burpees for time… with rest

1min on 1 min off Atlas stone shouldering
45sec on 45 sec off Atlas stone shouldering
30sec on 30 sec off Atlas stone shouldering

Finishing the session off with one of my favorite moves, the Turkish Get Up. Breaking the TGU down we started with bodyweight, then used our shoes to create balance and stability. Some ladies used kettlebells and we had a few PB’s to finish off the session.

Another amazing session, these ladies truly are awesome. They turn up not really knowing whats going to be thrown at them, but they take the bull by the horns and give it their all, every time!

Move more, move often!

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