Just be you! (and lift heavy weights)

This morning I read Syatt Fitness email and these points resonated with me!  He’s a bit of a fitness guru.  Give him a follow because sometimes, you wake up and read his stuff and you’re ‘dam it’s going to be a fu*king great day’.

Just be you!

1. Don’t Be Like Most People: Because most people say they want to do something but their actions don’t match. Most people, unfortunately, just don’t do what they say they’re gonna do. Most people whine and complain and search for the easy shortcut instead of working for the best solution. Don’t be like most people.

2. Lift Heavy Stuff. A lot: Because you already know lifting heavy is bad ass. And it increases your metabolism so you burn more calories (and fat) at the same time. And it’s the fastest way to build lean muscle so you burn even more fat and get more defined. And lifting heavy makes you look better naked which is always nice.


3. Never Apologize for Being You: Ever. Not even once. Because — honestly — life is entirely too short to be worried about what others think. So be you, unapologetically, and live the life YOU want to live. You don’t need anyone’s permission. You do you and live every day the way YOU want to live. Because the only way to be good to others is to, first, be good to yourself.

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