Kettlebell Arm Bars

The shoulder is one of the most mobile, vulnerable joints in the body. The Arm bar is a drill that strengthens the rotator cuff while also improving thoracic mobility.

Breaking Muscle HQ gives step by step instruction about performing the arm bar.

1. Lie face up on the ground with the kettlebell next to your right shoulder. Roll onto your side to grab it with both hands.

2. Roll onto your back again and press the kettlebell up, keeping your arm vertical. Place your left arm on the ground and extend it above your head with your bicep next to your ear. Bend your right leg and place your foot flat on the floor.

3. Push through your foot and rotate your hips to roll carefully onto your left side, while keeping the kettlebell overhead. Keep your arm as straight as possible to feel the stretch in your chest and thoracic spine.

4.Roll over as far as you can onto your left side. Straighten your legs to achieve more range of motion. Use your hips to re-position as needed. Repeat the drill on the opposite side.

Mix up your training and add some arm bars into your warm up.

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