Kettlebells for cardio

When it comes to training, many people see strength training and cardio as an either/or rather than a combination. Cardio days are for long runs whereas strength days are for moving around the weights section of the gym. As a result, heavy kettlebells are often coined for strength days when they actually can be employed in a high-intensity cardiovascular workout.

The term ‘cardio’ itself means to engage your cardiovascular system – getting your heart-rate up and getting that famous burning in your lungs. Those who train with us know that this isn’t only achieved by running, swimming, cycling and other ‘classic’ cardio-based forms of exercise.

A study showed that doing a double-handed swing AMRAP (as many reps as possible) on a 16kg bell for 12 minutes saw participants V02 max averaging around 65%, and heart-rates at 85% of their maximum which was the same as doing some interval treadmill work. Pushing your body like this for short amounts of time is fantastic for increasing your fitness levels and burning fat.

Checkout the video below for some basic tips on the kettlebell swing.

Of course, we are not saying kettlebell workouts are the only way to get a good cardio workout in, but as a tool for a high-intensity workout they prove to be indispensable. The best way to get results is through a varied training programme, so if your workout plan is filled with long runs and cross trainer sprints, try switching out one of those for a high intensity workout with a kettlebell!

If your still not convinced, a new study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research demonstrates there’s more benefits of kettlebell training and especially the kettlebell swing.

Get swinging!!

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