We all know, training is not always easy, which is why we asked you all what was hindering you reaching your training goals. The result, with an overwhelming majority, was motivation.  So how do you motivate yourself?
This can prove to extremely difficult as everyone is different. However, we feel that positive motivation is the way forward, rather than feeling so guilty that you force yourself to work out. Training should be something that you enjoy, that way you’re more likely to stick at it. You’re hardly going to keep running if you get a sinking feeling tying up your trainers, so find something that you enjoy, even if it takes a lot of trial and error.



SET YOURSELF A GOAL: Once you find that holy grail of training, set yourself a challenge. We’ve seen some incredible challenges this year, from completing every Olympic Sport available to women, all the way through to running three ultra-marathons (30 + miles) from members of the community. You may want to sign yourself up for your first 5km, or try and complete 10,000 kettlebell swings in a month. We’ll be posting some monthly challenges for you to try and tackle, so stay posted!  Not sure about goal setting, contact myself or read our Goal setting blog.


ACCOUNTABILITY (YOU’LL BE MISSED): Accountability is incredibly important. But, again this doesn’t have to be negative. Wonder Woman Workshops is about surrounding yourself with like-minded people who love to train. We believe that this is more than just a group of people training together, Wonder Woman is a community filled with friends. If someone can’t make a session, they’re missed – similarly, the prospect of seeing friends is something that gets people out the door, even when the sofa looks like an appealing prospect.  If you can’t make a group session, then organise to train with a friend, the benefits of having a training buddy are like no other!


TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Whatever your goals are, we all love to see progress – seeing a before and after picture, improvements in mobility,  watching the numbers drop with regular weigh-ins or lifting heavier weights. Write any information down!! Results are more noticeable if you’re keeping track and it can seriously motivate you and keep you focused on the main goal.


MIX UP YOUR TRAINING AND HAVE FUN: Trying something different will keep your workouts varied which is great, but it also needs to be fun! No point doing the same workout week in and week out if you’re not enjoying it.  Grab a friend and try something you’ve never done before – climbing, hoola hooping, gymnastics, MMA, crossfit, weightlifting… The list is endless.


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: Last month, Wonder Woman Workshops went down to Tunbridge Wells to host a day of nutritional talks and workouts with ‘Fitter Food’ at the Optimal Body Workshop. We had a fantastic time meeting people and absorbing as much information as possible. These events are a great chance to surround yourself with lots of like-minded people as well as fuel your motivation for training. The most important thing stressed at the workshop was ‘knowledge is power’. From the knowledge of how to put together a workout, how to squat correctly, or how to fuel your training, everything works together to help you reach your goals.


So get out and get moving! Let us know what you’ve done today to keep yourself motivated.

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