Movement Challenge


Throughout October, I am going to take you through a series of movements where you will see improvements in range of motion, flexibility, stability and strength.  Over the next 4 week practice the movements that I post in The Strength Pack.  

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There are 3 things you need to do:

  1. Choose an upper body movement or lower body movement that you would like to improve:

Overhead press
Press up

  1. Take a photo of the movement you’d like to improve (front, back and side) and post it into The Strength Pack.
  2. Follow the movement series

No matter what style of training you do or what sport you play, movement matters!

In an ideal world, you should be moving as you were when you were growing up, but with time constraints and the pressures of work and family life, this doesn’t always happen. So we engage with this thing call – ‘exercise’ and it usually involves sets, reps, distance, speed, weights.

But this ignores the natural function of movement – walks, runs, climbs, crawls, and swims, throws and carries, dancing, singing, and sex.

Lots of the exercises and movements I teach my clients are movement patterns that children simply know, yet through years of neglect, the adult body has forgotten. However, with practice the movements usually return, and with them comes increased strength, flexibility and functionality.

People often focus too much on fitness and forget about quality of movement.  You’re better off practising movement with good form and develop a strong body rather than practising movement with poor form and developing a body that will (and it will) fall apart.

With the above in mind, have a think about movements that you do that need improving.

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