National Fitness Day

So as many of you might have seen, yesterday was National Fitness Day… but less well known is the fact that it was also Gok Wan, the famous fashionista’s birthday. Sadly, Gok has yet to bestow his wisdom on us concerning the wide array of fitness lycra out there – so, by channelling our inner ‘Gok’ we can give you some advice…

Have fun with it! – As the summer draws to a close, the skies turn grey and the leaves go yellow, then brown before disappearing completely, it’s sometimes quite nice to bring a little bit of colour to sessions. The brighter the better! Of course, you don’t have to go all out like our very own Suzinator but she certainly sets an example!


Prepare to get muddy! – Don’t be too precious about your lycra, as the fantastic thing about outdoors sessions is that you can embrace your inner child and cover yourself in mud! It might also be wise to invest in a few extra bottles of washing detergent…


Be on Brand! – To us, this is obviously the most important part of our lycra fashion – rocking the Wonder Woman t-shirts and hoodies with style; both in our training sessions and our challenge events. These help us stand out in the park, the heath and (hopefully) shine through the mud. Plus, our models make all their lycra look extra awesome.


And gentlemen… don’t think that this doesn’t apply to you. Matty has proved that
real men wear fuchsia.


And finally, in relation to Gok Wan’s old show ‘How to Look Good Naked’, we’re mixing up our normal training routine to keep everyone on their toes. Tonight, we’ve rented out a lane at the London Aquatics Centre for 7pm.

Come along for a good laugh and to give a different form of training a try. We’ve also got an evening at the running track looming on the horizon and resident nutritionist Kirsty is about to start group nutrition sessions so jump on to those quickly!

We hope this gave you all a good laugh and you celebrated National Fitness Day in style!

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