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Sally Baker good friend, client and therapist plus amazing author of 2 self help books  – ‘7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating’ and ‘How to Feel Differently About Food’ has very jumped onto the facebook feed and left some very helpful information and links.

Please read below…

Reading the comments it really looks like emotional triggers like tiredness, comfort eating or as a way to combat stress are main drivers of eating crappy food that keeps peeps from achieving their fitness goals.
Yo yo dieting and self sabotaging behaviour around food are clear signs of emotional eating and all of these issues can be resolved so that they no longer trigger you. It’s never about lack of will power, it’s never really about food it is often about subconscious decisions you may have made sometimes decades earlier often during challenging times that need to be released. It’s also about deeply held limiting beliefs that can keep you stuck in old patterns of behaviour.
It’s worth being your own detective and exploring your eating habits with this new awareness.

As a therapist resolving emotional eating is my area of expertise. If you are determined you can do a lot of your work on clearing these issues yourself. I co-wrote two self help books called ‘7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating’ and ‘How to Feel Differently About Food’ published by Hammersmith Books, London available from Amazon and for more structure and lots more resources I’ve just launched an online course called ‘Overcoming Emotional Eating’. Check it out on my website 

Rest assured however emotional eating is showing up in your life it can be sorted. You can eat for nourishment instead of punishing yourself and you can do it without deprivation and from a place of self love and self care.

Thanks Sally! You’re the best.  We all appreciate your detailed reply and links.

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