Special Offer

I am excited to announce that I will be now be working as Wonder Woman Workshops UK’s nutritional coach, offering 1:1 nutritional consultations and packages to our community.

Over the last year I have been constantly reading, writing, talking and learning about nutrition, both in my own time as well as with Ben Coomber and team at the Body Type Nutrition Academy where I have been studying nutrition, as well as with Phil Learney at his Advanced nutritional strategies talks, plus some very exciting seminars that I will be attending in October of this year.

Coming from a gateaux eating, TV watching background where walking up a hill would leave me breathless, I realised 5 years ago I needed to do something about my health and weight before it got worse.


I know how it feels to be starting from a point so far away from where you want to be, but with the right advice and support anything is possible.

I am delighted to now be offering nutritional consultations alongside Wonder Woman Workshops UK.

To celebrate this the first 5 people to get in touch will receive the full package for half price, thats £75 instead of £150! Find out what the full package includes here and register your interest at the email below.

To book a nutritional consult or for more information email info@wonderwomanworkshops.co.uk


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