Her story seminar

A couple of weeks ago Suzie and I attended the ‘Her story’ seminar that was held at Crossfit Thames and organised by Joslyn Thompson Rule. The ‘Her Story’ foundation is designed to empower women to create their own fitness and lifestyle story by arming them with the tools to get the most out of their health and wellness. Its about giving women the confidence to start or restart their story knowing that they are making the right choices.

Josyln had some great speakers lined up for the event including –

Keris Marsden – Fitter Food

Nicola Jane Hobbs – Msc, yoga teacher & performance and lifestyle coach

Emily Few Brown – Spook Cooking

Paul Watson – Expert in mind mastery

After a brief introduction from Joslyn who outlined what the day would entail she introduced the first speaker, Emily, who at 24 runs her own bespoke cooking company, Spook Cooking. Emily chatted about the importance of seasonal produce, and what is in season and when, she ran us through which herbs/fruits/vegetables are easiest to grow at home and allowed us to taste some of her amazing homegrown green tomatoes (with a little salt and olive oil, they were delicious).

Next she introduced us to her homemade chilli vodka, a few of us were brave enough to dip our fingers into a tiny cup, before quickly downing as much water as we could, wow that stuff is hot!! Emily kindly passed around a basket of various fruits (much needed after the vodka) for us to sample and pots of jam made from the same homegrown produce, we even got our own mini bottles of sloe gin to take home.

Following on from Emily it was the turn of Nicola Jane Hobbs. Nicola was going to take us through a yoga class, and after explaining about her background, and the differences between yin and yang yoga it was time to hit the mats for Nicola lead us through various poses, some of which were extremely difficult. I don’t practise yoga, the closest I get is the mobility part at the beginning of a group session and this showed, especially when we were asked to pair up for some partner balancing poses – some hilarious results ensued! The session ended with us lying on our backs as Nicola chanted affirmations, I found this to be an incredibly relaxing and thought provoking experience, one that I would definitely repeat.

After a short break where we both made the most of the networking opportunities it was the turn of Paul Watson. Paul is an Australian strength and conditioning coach and is an expert in mind mastery and speaks about learning how to live in the moment – to breathe in and out and quell demons.

Initially this was the talk that I was least looking forward to, I realise I don’t place enough importance on mindfulness in my everyday life and its something I am working on, especially as I expect clients to practise this and am aware of ‘practising what I preach’. My initial thoughts on this part of the day were completely wrong, Paul spoke about events in his life and situations he and some of his friends had been in but told stories in such a captivating and inspiring way he was a pleasure to listen to.

Keris took over for the final portion of the seminar and would be chatting about female hormone health. Both Suzie and I have heard Keris speak numerous times and every time I take something else away that I use for myself and with clients. Keris is so knowledgable and came armed with a power point presentation that Joslyn assured the audience would be emailed to them as the slides were so detailed. The highlight of this section was Gwen asking Keris about orange glasses which block the blue light from electronic devices and can help aid restful sleep. I have ordered these glasses and Suzie flat out refused to wear them, however with a regional Crossfit athletes backing, those glasses will be positioned firmly on her head! 1 nil to Kirsty!

The day ended with some more networking and lots of fussing over Paul’s giant great dane, Willow.

We had signed up for this event at the last minute and weren’t really sure what to expect, but we both came away so inspired and armed with such a wealth of new information that we will definitely be attending any future versions.


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