The Suzinator – 15 questions in 15 minutes

How long have you been training?

I started off as a studio instructor teaching aerobics, step, power pump, boxfit, and circuits, after which i progressed onto my Level 3 Personal Training. Over the years that has built up and I now specialise in Kettlebells, strength and conditioning and I am the founder of Wonder Woman Workshops UK. A business which aims to motivate, educate and inspire women of all different fitness abilities!

How do you train?

After taking an 8 month break from strength training due to injury I have kicked myself back into shape by starting a Crossfit programme. I train 7 days per week with 2 active rest days.


What are your current training goals?

I’m working on mobility and flexibility whilst improving my strength. I have a few endurance races and competitions lined up for this year and all my training is currently tailored to these events.

What do you eat?

At the moment I’m following a plan based around carb cycling and clean eating. I take a lot of inspiration for my meals from Fitter Food.

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What do you do outside of training?

I enjoy browsing the shops, catching up with friends, getting my nails done and watching Made in Chelsea. I love throwing dinner parties and BBQ’s.

Favourite clean meal?

Lettuce wraps and vegetables because you can turn it into a buffet and I LOVE buffets!

Favourite cheat meal?

Oven baked pear and gorgonzola pizza and anything interesting with Chocolate in it for dessert!

Favourite Exercise?

I like lots of exercises but particularly the more challenging ones! My favourite though has to be a Kettlebell or barbell snatch!

Most dreaded exercise?


Biggest achievement?

Coming back after an injury and pushing forward with Wonder Woman Workshops UK after a challenging 2013. I’m back bigger, better and stronger than ever!


Favourite sports shop?

As the ambassador of Sweaty Betty you’ll generally see me dressed head to toe. At the moment my favourite outfit is a pair of purple Ardha yoga capris with the Anusara vest and the lime green protector run jacket!

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by other strong females in the fitness industry – Keris Marsden, Samantha Briggs, Sally Moss.  And my mum and dad because they’re awesome and give me the best advice for life!


Best thing about training? 

The anticipation before going to the gym, knowing what I have to do and then completing it to the best that I possibly can! The feeling of awesomeness afterwards is pretty cool too. I also love that with consistency comes results.

What does a regular day consist of? 

I usually train clients in the morning before I come home for breakfast and a few hours of admin, I may also have client meetings or meetings with other fit pros here too. More clients mid morning before a couple of hours of training followed by clients and group sessions most evenings. My days are quite jumbled and can change frequently which I really enjoy as it keeps me on my toes.

Something you couldn’t live without?

Trainers and hair ties!

If you were an animal what would you be?

A leopard. Never change your spots.

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