Takeaway food VS Health and fitness

As a coach who’s been in the fitness industry since 2005 I’ve heard all the excuses under the sun when it comes to health and fitness, but the ones that really gets under my skin is this:


Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand when people really can’t afford it. There’s a difference, a huge difference! I’ve worked with clients who scrape every single penny together to afford a PT session once a week and I’ve worked with clients where money is not an issue.

If you can afford a takeaway meal once a week, a few takeaway coffees and possibly a few Friday night wines then you actually CAN afford to invest in health and fitness, YOU CHOOSE NOT TO!

If this is you and you’re constantly moaning to your mates that you’re not reaching your goals (fat loss, weight gain, bikini body, more energy, mental clarity and focus…) trust me, they’re sick of hearing it! So, maybe cut back on the takeaway and invest that money in someone that’s going to give you the knowledge to help you reach / work towards your health and fitness goals.

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