The Bulgarian Bag aka The Croissant

The Bulgarian Bag is a relatively new piece of kit, invented in 2005 by Ivan Ivanov, a former Olympic athlete who, at the time, was working as a wrestling coach in a Michigan Olympic Training Centre. He was inspired by Bulgarian shepherds who often used sheep and small bulls in various feats to show off their physical strength at local festivals and regularly carried weak lambs and goats around their shoulders whilst working.

He wanted a tool that he could use to improve his wrestlers explosive and dynamic movements, involving skills such as twisting, swinging, rotating, throwing and squatting.

Using this tool at the forefront of his coaching, Ivanov’s wrestlers left the 2008 left with two bronze medals and now this bovine shaped bag has now been adopted by trainers and coaches all over the world.

The Bulgarian Bag requires immense focus and, in its most challenging move, the spin, is extremely grip intensive but uses your whole body in the movement. It increases strength and endurance as well as increasing your anaerobic threshold which carried over into an increase to your aerobic fitness, lowering your resting heartrate.


It is a fantastic tool to implement in HIIT workouts due to being able to pack in a high volume of training in a short amount of time, increasing your metabolic rate and boosting fat loss but it can similarly be used in strength workouts for pressing, squatting, lunging and many other moves

WWWUK uses Bulgarian Bags during their outdoor group HIIT sessions which take place every Wednesday evening on Blackheath at 19:00.  Get in Contact for more information.

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