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It’s no secret that I love the latter half of the seasons of the year. There’s something incredibly appealing to me about wrapping up in a trench coat, scarf and gloves to brace the outdoors; or bunkering down at home with a steaming cup of tea as the weather rages outside. What is, however, a lot less appealing, is heading out in that previously mentioned horrible weather to go and train but needs must. Wonder Woman boasts that they train in all weathers and that is most definitely the case – I’ve trained in brilliant sunshine, but also hail and torrential downpour; and it’s oddly satisfying. So I’ve come up with a list of motivations and reasons to train so that when, in the coming months, it’s dark, pouring with rain and/or just completely miserable I’ll have no excuse than to get up and move!


The relationships and community within Wonder Woman are one of the high points for me when it comes to training. I’ve struggled for years with keeping the motivation to stick with training, especially when my mind comes up with 100 things might seem like a better option. I’ve now been training with Wonder Woman for two years and I can honestly say that the people there are some of my closest friends. I’m particularly looking forward to the more relaxed community-based sessions coming up in September (such as the Strong Girl evening) which I will definitely be at in order to catch up with people who have been away over the summer.

The community is certainly a motivation to get out and see everyone regardless of the weather, even if that comes with an absolute beasting in a session. There’s a comradery to winter sessions when we’re all lying on the sodden ground after half a dozen burpees… Plus, you can always organise to go grab coffee afterwards. It’s time that’s set aside for you, to do what’s best for your body but also your mind by being outside and with likeminded people.

Guilt Free

Well, sort of. I failed to mention at the beginning of this blog, but another thing I love about the cooler months is that stews, casseroles and general warming, yummy foods are an option and incredibly tempting when you’re cold! Obviously (hand on heart Kirsty, I promise!) I don’t indulge too often in the naughtier foods, but when I do… a training session is a good way to counteract it! During the summer I find fat-loss way easier as when it’s hot, I steer towards lighter foods. But in the winter it’s a lot more of a battle! At least this way, if I do indulge in a hot chocolate, I don’t have to worry quite as much about the ever looming Christmas Party season!

Personal Achievement

I guess, looking at my motivations, they both come under personal achievement. Training is something I do entirely for myself; it makes me feel better both physically and mentally. Getting through every work out is an achievement and brings me a step closer to my ever-evolving goals and that achievement becomes even greater when it is considered harder to begin. The most difficult part of a winter training session, for me, is getting myself there. Once I’m out of my car, I’m ready to get whatever workout is planned done, because I always feel so much better at the end of it. I sleep better at night, I feel more energised during the day and just more motivated to get on with day to day tasks. It sounds very preachy but it’s totally true, if I don’t get to train during the week I’m a nightmare to be around!

So as the leaves begin to change colour and eventually fall, and as the nights get darker and colder, don’t change the summer habits of getting outside and moving. Set a goal to continue your training and nutrition with the same vigour as during the summer. If anything, by the time next summer rolls around, you’ll be fitter, healthier and happier and more able to enjoy the hard-earned sunshine!

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