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Recently, I felt like my training needed shaking up a bit; the online training program I had been doing had finished and I needed a new challenge. So I signed myself up for something called the ‘Wonder Woman’ workshop.

The workshop is a 3-hour workout for women held outdoors in Greenwich Park. How hard could it be? In fact, I thought it sounded fun. But by the time the Saturday morning had rolled around I’d started to feel a bit apprehensive; I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would I be able to do all the exercises? Would everyone else be stronger than me? So it was somewhat nervously that I got myself up and ready and headed off to Greenwich.

WWW Nov 19

The workshops, run by personal trainer Suzanne Lubuska (you can follow her on Twitter) and her assistant Kristy Ledger, attract a mixture of regulars and first-timers like myself. There is something really bonding about working out together, and yes, everyone was stronger than I was but the other ladies were really supportive and encouraging. Overall, the workshop itself was both harder and more fun than I had expected; who would have know that crawling backwards would be so difficult?!

WWW Nov 26

But I loved working out outdoors and the 3 hours actually went by pretty quickly, probably because Suzanne and Kirsty kept changing up the exercises so it never got boring. There was a mixture of strength exercises, primal flow work and some good old bodyweight exercises. I also got use some equipment that was new to me, like Bulgarian bags (which are basically heavy moon-shaped leather sacks). Suzanne also gave me some advice on how to identify particular weaknesses and this made me realize that in my rush to lift weights and get stronger I probably haven’t fully mastered all the basics yet.

Ultimately, the workshop was a welcome change to my routine and I left feeling that I had achieved something. Now I’m working up the courage to sign up to the next one!

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