What to expect from a Wonder Woman Workout

With the summer holidays now in full swing, there’s no excuse not to come along and enjoy one of our Wonder Woman Workout sessions! And if you’re unsure as to what you would be signing yourself up for, here are three things you can expect from every Wonder Woman Workout…


One of the fundamentals that Wonder Woman Workshops prides themselves on is the community amongst the people that train with us. These workouts are for women only and, mostly, mothers; meaning that the workouts are buzzing with children of all ages. So, not only are you getting in a workout, your children see what a healthy lifestyle entails and are encouraged to do the same. It is entirely usual for some of the older children to take part in sessions over their school holidays and they all really enjoy it. Nobody takes themselves too seriously during these sessions, meaning there’s time for a giggle and a chat… as well as getting a good workout in!

It also gives mums a chance to meet other women with similar interests in their local area – especially as we’ve just introduced a MGF discount, so all sessions (including the evening ones) are £7.


These sessions are always unpredictable – and a good way to mix things up is through some varied kit! The Wonder Woman Workouts make use of the infamous kettlebells of various weights, as well as Bulgarian Bags (a leather bag filled with sand which can be used for pressing, running with, slamming and spinning), and the new edition of the slam balls.

As well as this array, the most important piece of kit every Wonder Woman employs is herself. There is a clear emphasis on movement and form in these sessions, designed to get everyone moving more and feeling better in their everyday lives. Sometimes the most challenging sessions are entirely bodyweight…

A Good Workout

This, of course, is why you decided to come in the first place! The Wonder Woman Workouts are designed to give you a good mix of strength training, cardio and mobility to help you reach your fitness goals. All the workouts can be scaled so anyone, no matter what their fitness level is, can come along and work hard. Plus, you aren’t working out in a claustrophobic gym – you’re exercising in the great outdoors. Although the weather may sometimes make this challenging, it adds to the fun of the class. Is proven that spending more time outdoors drastically increases your mood and what better way to do that than with a group of likeminded women, all whilst burning a hefty amount of calories!

So come and give the Wonder Woman Workouts a go! They take place on Tuesday (Blackheath at 10:15), Wednesday (10:30 at Manor House Gardens) and Friday (in Greenwich Park at 10:00). We look forward to seeing you there!


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