MumStrong workouts are for women only.  These sessions are for women of all fitness levels.  Most women attending are local mums who are getting back into fitness and looking to try something different in a welcoming, social environment.

We follow a strength based program because we believe that strength is key in life.  Strong bodies are capable bodies. We want to educate women on the benefits of training and how it impacts their life… beyond what they look like on social media!

There are no special formulas or magic pills at WWWAUS.  We promote a healthy wholesome lifestyle.  We believe that if you follow these 4 elements you’ll make loads and progress (and friends).

1. Following the program consistently (ie turn up – your clothes can be on back the front and inside out, but turn up!)

2. Putting in the effort.

3. Dialing in your nutrition.

4. Getting enough sleep.

Children are welcome to attend these session and are solely your responsibility.   We encourage parents to bring along something for them to do while they are at the gym (colouring book / snack / book to read).  Children are not permitted to play on the equipment.

We would love to have you along to one of Women’s Only group sessions. Get in contact and start your fitness journey.