Strongwoman workouts are for women only and they are seriously fun!

The best thing about Strongwoman Training is that it’s for all levels of fitness. Strength is relative and everyone is at different stages in their strength development. Whether you squat, press or carry 50kg or 150kg, you need to routinely hit heavy lifts that are heavy for you.

Strongwoman Training, Odd object lifting and Kettlebell Training have become increasingly popular in the strength and conditioning industry and we’ve noticed that our WWWAUS girls are loving the results and reaping the benefits with better overall movement,  increased strength, leaner bodies and sky high confidence.

Strength is the key to everyday living.  Strong bodies are capable resilient bodies.  Our strength and movement bootcamp is designed to get your stronger, mentally and physically but also moving well.  All too often we see big lifts with poor form which, over time leads to injuries and painful day to day living.  We ensure everyone is working to their full potential in a safe environment.

There is something extremely satisfying lifting and shifting tires, sandbags, kegs, kettlebells, sleds, atlas stones and sledge hammers and the more we understand strength and movement the more reasons we have for adding them to our clients workouts.

Come join us for the best hour of your week!