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January and New Year’s Resolutions mean an influx of people buying memberships to gyms. Regular gym-goers know that January is a month when it’s difficult to book on to classes and the machines are always in use (often incorrectly) which is incredibly frustrating. But, three months into the New Year, inevitably, the dust settles and things return to their natural order. Why? Because so many people buy their gym memberships, slog it out a few times feeling uninspired and miserable, only to give up for the rest of the year

Which is why we’re suggesting something a little different.

As well as a variety of kit not seen in most gyms, what makes Wonder Woman Workshops special is its location, which is anywhere, because we train outdoors. Our most frequent locations are in Greenwich Park, Manor House Gardens, and on Blackheath. Now, this may seem absolutely mad, especially when looking out of your window at the predictably miserable weather, but there are some incredible health benefits to training outdoors:


When training outdoors, everything becomes a piece of equipment. Of course, we have all of the conventional kit such as kettlebells, slam balls etc. But when you’re outside, logs become hurdles, lamp-posts become running markers and the mud becomes a badge of honour after sessions. The changing year brings new challenges (a run becomes so much harder when you’re heading upwind), and it makes the summer months so much better when they do come around and you can be thankful you’ve built the foundations of your fitness outside, rather than the never-changing inside of a gym.

2.Your mental health

A 2011 study showed that exercising outdoors left participants with a greater feeling of revitalisation, increased energy and positive engagement as well as decreases in tension, confusion, anger and depression. Participants also said that they were more likely to repeat the activity as a later date.

Training outdoors takes us back to our roots and allows us to get some fresh air which is particularly vital when the majority of us spend most of our time indoors, often sitting at our desks.

3. Community

One of the fundamentals of Wonder Woman Workshops is community. We’re not just a fitness business, we’re also a group of friends who share one thing in common – a love of training. As well as training together, we also socialise together – even going so far as to take trips away (keep an eye out for information about forthcoming trips!). This adds to your accountability but also the enjoyment of training; we all encourage each other and celebrate when someone hits their goals. Not only that, but the smaller group sessions allow time to really get to grips with how to safely use the equipment in order to best reach your targets.

So give it a go, WWWUK run outdoor group classes throughout the week. We also have a two hour Wonder Woman Workshop at the end of this month, which is set to be really fun and exciting! We look forward to seeing you all soon in the great outdoors…

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