Women In Sport – Dedication Inspiration… Jannet and Nicky

Saturday’s inspirational woman was too hard to choose! So we decided that it had to be shared by the two gazelles, the sonic sisters Jannet and Nikki!



Both women are extremely consistent with their training, running the hills of Greenwich Park every Friday morning with their fellow gazelles when the majority of us are still curled up in bed, come rain or shine. Both women completed the incredible feat of the Atlantic Coast Challenge last October: a marathon every day for three days across the Cornish and Devonshire coast – approximately 78.6 miles!

Nikki is a regular at our Tuesday evening Kettlebell sessions and Saturday morning sessions with her husband Steve and throws herself into every workout, bringing a great atmosphere to the group. Nikki also recently ran the Rat Race Dirty Weekender with Wonder Woman last month.

Jannet also trains regularly with us as well as being an avid cycler. She is also a running coach, having been one of our Wonder Woman Workshops’s guest coaches.

Great work Jannet and Nikki – we can’t wait to see you smash Endure 24 (the 24 hour running event), next weekend!

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