Women In Sport – Dedication Inspiration… Steph

Steph has been training with Wonder Woman for almost a year now and has quickly become a valued and integral part of the community.

Always giving her all in sessions, she has quickly progressed in how much she can lift, as well as already being a pretty awesome runner, joining Wonder Woman Workshops in running the Rat Race Dirty Weekender last month.


As well as her strength training, Steph is also in the midst of preparing for some pretty incredible ultras, such as ‘The Wall’ (69 miles), the Atlantic Coast Challenge (approximately 78.6 miles, running a marathon every day for three days), and the incredible Marathon des Sables, 150 miles across the desert and labelled the hardest race on earth – all before her 30th birthday.

Fabulous work Steph, we wish you all the best and keep up the good work!

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